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The project should demonstrate a high level of engineering education using EU training materials, teaching methods, curricula and plans at universities in Georgia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The importance of the impact of engineering education cannot manifest itself in one movement, and the methodology of this project was successfully achieved by:
Review the content and content of learning outcomes on the requested technology issues.
Staff development in foreign countries.
The introduction of new teaching methods
Creating course blocks in accordance with the seven engineering fields
Creation of a comprehensive laboratory “Technology and Product Design” (laboratory of technology and product development)
Establishing contacts to improve professional skills for institutions and manufacturers



It is necessary to develop a process of specialization for road-building machinery and transport equipment in 5 technical universities of Uzbekistan. The main objective of the project is to train new generation engineers who are able to develop and implement new projects in the field of automotive and transport equipment.
• Reforming the six (scientific) courses available in Jizzakh, NDU, SamDAQI and TAQI in the field of the Master of Science in Road Design.
• Development and implementation of six new (scientific) courses for master’s programs in the field of transport engineering in JizPI and TAQI.
• Introduction of computerized teaching methods aimed at forming close ties between teachers and students, as well as not only theoretical, but also laboratory and experimental research.
• Creation of interdepartmental engineering laboratories in JizPI, NDU, SamDAQI and TAQI.
• Training teachers and administrative staff of higher education institutions participating in the project to use new courses and new methods and styles.
• Establish long-term cooperation between higher education institutions and industrial enterprises participating in the project.



The pilot project of Uzbekistan: adaptation to climate change in settlements of Uzbekistan – farming “Furkat” in Pakhtakor district of Mirzachula. The goal of the project is to provide electricity and reserve power and photovoltaic power plants for at least two days of full operation. Electricity lighting, important agricultural facilities, communications, healthcare, etc.
In addition, it is planned to use a mobile battery, power supply units and reverse osmosis stations, as well as water treatment plants.

Currently, negotiations are underway on the system of mutual exchange of students.