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International Projects and Grants

Information about foreign science grants, which was completed in 2018 at the Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute

Grant issuing organization
German Ministry of Ecology and GIZ
Grant number and project name
Climate change adaptation in Uzbekistan’s populated areas – in Furkat farm in Mirzachul’s Pakhtakor district
Project Leader
t.f.d. Professor Hanno Schoonberg
Project implementation period
2016 – 201 …
Grant No. Executives
Professors – 8 teachers
Independent students and gifted students – 2 students
Amount of funding
11000 Euros
Received (expected) results
In 2017, the German government has received a laboratory facility to test young electric pick-ups and economical lamps with a total cost of 11,000 euros.

Grant issuing organization
European Union Erasmus + Program
Grant number and project name
Intelligent Transport Systems: Creating New Graduate Programs in Information and Communication Technologies in Uzbekistan / INTRAS (Intelligent Transport Systems: New ICT-Based Master’s Curriculum in Uzbekistan)
Project Leader
p.f.n. docent Usmanov Salakhdin Alikulovich
Project implementation period
2016 – 2019
Grant No. Executives
Professors – 11 teachers
KIHI – 1 item
Independent Searchers – 4
Total – 12 units
Amount of co-financing
78400 Euro
The amount of funding for the reporting year
16133 Euro
Received (expected) results
Developing a new Master’s Program on Intelligent Transportation Systems.
Creating Learning and Scientific Potential on Intellectual Transport Systems.
Establishment of cooperation with higher education institutions and social organizations / institutions / manufacturing enterprises.