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Intelligent Transport Systems: New ICT-based Master’s Curricula for Uzbekistan / INTRAS

Consortium of Project:

The project’s main objectives, that are directed to solve and address above identified problems as a whole or mostly, are the followings:

1.Develop a new MSc curriculum in Intelligent Transport systems.
2.Capasity building  in Intelligent Transport systems at 6 Uzbek universities.
3.Establishment of laboratories in ICT-based Intelligent Transport systems.
4. Establish links between university and public societies/ institutions/ organizations/ enterprises.

A wider objective of the project is to create an infrastructure and system for training new generation of engineers in ITS. These engineers will be able to solve local and regional Transport challenges of public administration institutions, industries  and private consumption in Uzbekistan.

This objective is achieved by creating a new MSc program with complete curricula at the faculty of Engineering of AndMI, JPI, TICAR, TerSU, TIRE and TUIT.

 The list of 12 courses within the planned MSc  program are the following:

1. Transportation systems (32 hrs/lec,32 hrs/prac,32 hrs/lab);
2. ITS basics (32 hrs/lec,32 hrs/prac);
3. Mathematical tools (32 hrs/lec,32 hrs/prac);
4. Automated Data Acquisition and Processing (16 hrs/lec,16 hrs/prac,16 hrs/lab);
5. ITS management (48 hrs/lec,48 hrs/prac);
6. Traffic modeling and simulation (32 hrs/lec,48 hrs/prac,32 hrs/lab);
7. Telecommunication (48 hrs/lec,32 hrs/lab);
8. Specialization in ITS I and II (48 hrs/lec,48 hrs/prac,48 hrs/lab);
9. Traffic safety (48 hrs/lec,32 hrs/prac,48 hrs/lab) ;
10. GIS for Transportation (32 hrs/lec,32 hrs/prac,32 hrs/lab);
11. Theory and Methodology of Science (16 hrs/lec,32 hrs/prac,16 hrs/lab);
12. Required elective Module (48 hrs/lec,48 hrs/prac,32 hrs/lab).
All these courses will be taught in English.
13. Design requirements for thesis works and projects based on Intellectual Transport system  problems of regions of Uzbekistan.

Team members





1 Usmanov Salaxdin Associated professor of “Land transport systems” department Local coordinator
2 Parsaxonov Abduqobi Vice-rector Teacher/trainer
3 Jiyanboyev Sirojiddin Senior lecturer of “Land transport systems” department Teacher/trainer
4 Yarbabaev Azamat Assistant of “Land transport systems” department Teacher/trainer
5 Berdiyorov Temur Senior lecturer of “Management” department Teacher/trainer
6 Mamaev Gulom Senior lecturer of “Land transport systems” department Teacher/trainer
7 Abdunazarov Jamshid Associated professor of “Land transport systems” department Teacher/trainer
8 Alimova Rufina Bookkeeper of “Accounts” department Bookkeeper