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Student residence

 Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute was built in the year of construction, and full capital repair works were carried out within the framework of the Barkamol avlod 2017 sports competitions among students of the academic lyceum and vocational college in 2017.

Dormitory of Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute is designed for 400 seats. The building consists of 4 floors, each floor has 20 sections. Each section has 2 rooms, one for 2 people and the other for 3 people. The rooms are fully renovated and equipped at the required level.

There is a “Spirituality and Enlightenment” room at the students’ hostel, which is fully equipped with the requirements of the charter. There is a relaxing room in each floor and it is fully equipped with a TV, soft furniture. There are all conditions for students.

There is hot and cold water in the students` hostel. It also has a fully equipped dining room for 200 seats.

The hostel is designed for 400 seats; currently there live 300 boys and 70 girls.

Student Hostel Commissioner: Alieva Rahima (0372) 226-32-80

Educator pedagogue at the hostel: Turapov Sunnatullo (94) 196-66-83

Students’ psychologist: Rajabov Orif (93) 613-19-39

Student Hostel engineer Kushimov Azamat (98) 200-02-90