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Educational trends and specializations

Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute
areas of study

cipher Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute
1 5111014 Vocational Education (Ground Transportation Systems)
2 5111007 Professional education (Buildings and facilities)
3 5230200 Governance (by sector and industry)
4 5310200 Electric power industry (by branches and directions)
5 5310600 Ground transportation systems and their operation (by type of transport)
6 5310700 Electrical engineering and electrical engineering (by industry)
7 5310800 Electronics and Instrumentation (by industry)
8 5310900 Metrology, standardization and product quality management (by sector)
9 5320400 Chemical technology (by product type)
10 5320900 Design and technology of light industry products (by product type)
11 5321000 Food technology (by product type)
12 5340200 Construction and construction of buildings (by type)
13 5340100 Architecture (by type)
14 5340400 Construction and installation of engineering communications (by type)
15 5340500 Production of building materials, products and structures
16 5340600 Operation of transport facilities (by type of vehicle)
17 5340800 Highways and airfields
18 5350700 Radioelectronic devices and systems (by industry)
19 5410500 Technology storage and primary processing of agricultural products
20 5610100 Service sector (road transport)
21 5610100 Services sector (housing, utilities and household services)
22 5620100 Transport management and transport logistics (by type of transport)
23 5630100 Ecology and environmental protection (by branches and industries)



Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute
Indicators of admission to Masters
specializations and languages of instruction

cipher Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute
1 5A310601 Ground vehicles and systems (by type of transport)
2 5A310604 Cars and car industry
3 5А320408 Chemical resistance and corrosion protection of materials
4 5А320408 Chemical resistance and corrosion protection of materials
5 5A340801 Highways and airfields