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General information

Djizakh Polytechnic Institute.

Djizakh Polytechnic Institute was founded in the early independence years of our country. Djizakh Polytechnic Institute was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on February 28,1992 and  the Cabinet of Ministers №125 on March 11, 1992 on the basis of Djizakh Branch of Tashkent  Architecture and Construction Institute, Djizakh branch of Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute and Djizakh branch of  Tashkent Road Institute. which is part of the organizational structure of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In 1977  “General technical faculty” of  Tashkent Polytechnic Institute was opened in Djizakh. The faculty had a school building for 1818 students, a dormitory for 100 beds, a 16-room house for teachers and three cottages. N.Y.Tashlanov was appointed as the dean of the faculty. The faculty began to work on the basis of  “General Science” ,”General technical Science” chairs. The faculty had 21 teachers, including 4 candidates of science. The newly established “general technical” faculty was sponsored by the regional administration as a trustee of Djizakh construction trust.

In 1977-1978 academic years 100 students were admitted to the department, 75 students in the evening department, 25 students in the correspondence department, and 100 students as listeners in the preparatory school.

During these years, the institute delivered highly qualified specialists with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in many leading branches of the national economy, including industry, transport, construction, agriculture, economy, power engineering and chemical technology.

In the early years the faculty and the branch was directed by associate professor N.Y.Tashlanov (1977-1983), professor F.H.Qurbonov (1983-1986), candidate of technical science S.I.Ikromov (1986-1988), docent U.Y.Yuldashev (1988-1990), associate professor A.Y.Salimov (1991). The first time the branch was transformed into an independent institute was appointed the acting rector of the institute, candidate of technical sciences, senior lecturer M.T.Turopov. According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from December 25, 1992 academician N.R. Rashidov was appointed rector of Djizzakh Polytechnic Institute. During the leadership of “ Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Honored Mechanist in Uzbekistan, Honored Scientist in Uzbekistan, Laureate of the Beruniy State Prize”, Nasir Rashidovich Rashidov, the scientific, material and technical base was enriched with modern technical means. In this period, in the institute new faculties and faculties were organized in connection with the establishment of new specialists. From April 2002 to July 2003 Associate Professor B.I. Matniyozov worked as Acting Rector. From July 2003, the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Ibrohim Salikhovich Sadikov was appointed the rector of Djizakh Polytechnic Institute. During this period, the quality of education and training was increased on the basis of innovative programs and investment projects. At the institute, spiritual and educational, educational and methodical work is carried out on the preparation of advanced pedagogical cadres, material and technical base, improving the financial situation, methodological assistance to existing academic lyceums and professional colleges in the region, their professors some work on contractual retraining and professional development was undertaken.

The decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on June 29, 2012 “On establishment of Djizakh Politechnic Institute” has given a bright future to our institute to occupy a leading position in the rating of technical universities in the Republic. From 2012 to 2016, the Institute was headed by E. Saliyev. In these years, a great deal of work was done at the institute.

In particular, it has been widely used for the rapid development of science, education and technology. The adoption of the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of June 29, 2012 № 187 became an unforgettable time in the history of the institute and caused great positive changes. . All the conditions for the faculty and students are created at the institute. In particular, the lecture rooms of the educational auditoriums were equipped with modern teaching aids (video projector), which played an important role in effective use of electro-educational materials in the subjects by the faculty and achieved positive results in the quality of teaching, 43 auditorium laboratory rooms were equipped with the latest laboratory equipment, including: “Electroenergetics” department by “UzEnergo” 50 million soums. Modern laboratory equipment was purchased by “Uzavtosanoat” in the amount of 58 million soums. New laboratory equipment and Department of Metrology and Standardization were provided by the Ministry of agriculture and water resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 34 million soums. A new laboratory room has been created at the expense of funds allocated for this purpose.

At the department of “Electric power engineering” Uzbek Energy “joint venture has spent 50 million soums. The ASKUE (automated accounting system of electric energy account), wind and solar FES (18 million soums) were installed. The laboratory room was renovated with 9 new computers and table chairs.

The department of “Electroenergetics” is equipped with a solar photovoltaic station with a capacity of 300 watts, a wind power generator with 2500 watts, a water treatment unit with 2 “Water-10”, a micro hydro power plant with a capacity of 300 watts, (up to 15-20 meters in height due to its energy). Also in the laboratory  the retraining courses for the engineering staff of the enterprises of the power grid in the territory of 4 regions (Djizakh, Syrdarya, Samarkand, Bukhara)  – a professional development course for  ASKUE (automated system of electric energy accounting)have been formed.

The 107th laboratory room of the Department of “Automobile use” of the Department of Motor Vehicles was equipped by UzAvtoSanoat Concern in the Andijan region’s Asaka Automobile Plant with the spare parts of Nexia, Spark, Matiz and Cobalt cars and with the parts of the motorcycle. Laboratory classes on “Land transport systems and utilization” and “Transport management and transport logistics” were conducted at the department.

Taking into account the requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from June 29, 2012 № 187 “Improving the Djizakh Polytechnic Institute” and taking into account the needs of the national economy of the Djizakh region in the field of specialization, in 2013 the accepted students of “Metrology, Standardization and Product Quality Management” faculties have almost tripled.

In 2013, a total of 60 students, including 20 grantees and 40 contract students, were enrolled. These indicators have also been maintained in 2014.

In order to provide qualified competitiveness training in the field of education, the department “Metrology and Standardization” was established on July 27, 2014 to implement the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No157 of June 12, 2014. For the qualitative conduct of laboratory classes from specialty subjects to directional students 34 million soums under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan modern equipment and apparatus were brought to Uzbekistan. Using this equipment, 5 laboratory tests have been launched in specialized subjects and are used as a demonstration tool in the equipment provided. In particular, 5 practical and laboratory classes are used as a demonstration tool on “Physico-chemical measurements”, “Electrical measurements”, “Measurement and calibration of measuring instruments”, “Cartesian-acoustic measurements” and “Heat technology measurements”.

In cooperation with the Royal Swedish University in Sweden, the Tempus Tempus program has been funded by a total of 1 million 200 thousand euros for Georgia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, for “Modernization of Higher Education for Technological Problems”, of which 100,000 euros donated to the Djizakh Polytechnic Institute.

680 thousand euros was allocated for the development of curricula for “Motorways and highways and highways” by the University of Birmingham, England.

In this laboratory, most of the laboratory works on design of modern automobile parts are carried out, as well as the students perform the courses and course projects using computer technology.

In this period, there has been an unprecedented growth in the construction and improving sports facilities. From 2012 to 2014 there were built dressing rooms, washing rooms and sports facilities corresponding to world standards. Artificial paved areas, a gym, a truncheon, a wrestling hall, and other sports facilities were just a dream. Our institute is known not only as its talented athletes, but also as a host to big tournaments. Professors, teachers, staff and students were trained in sports clubs with different types of physical training, mass health improvement, physical education and physical training. After the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On improvement of activity of Djizakh polytechnic institute”, the institute has considerably strengthened the physical training and sports activities

In order to ensure the implementation of Resolution 187 of the Cabinet of Ministers, a private enterprise Odina Skarlet textile was established in the dormitory and a partnership agreement was signed. Sewing machines were purchased at the expense of credit funds from Ipoteka Bank 126,000 euros with a 14% interest rate for 5 years, and men and women’s jumpers started to be manufactured.

During these years, the scientific and pedagogical staff of the institute has carried out scientific research on several scientific and technical programs and international projects. Among them 544061-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-UK-TEMPUS-JPCR “Improving the curriculum of engineering and transport engineering” for the 2015-2017 European Tempus program (total cost is 837,996.69 euros) HIGHVEC , an international project on “Climate Change Adoption in Uzbekistan’s Regions” (jointly with the Hamburg Technical University), funded by the German Government (in the amount of 99 900 euros), The research project on the theme “Creation of algorithms and software for processing and analysis of images based on the fundamentals of fundamentals” (64 million soums), funded by the republican budget “Theoretical bases of improving the quality and structure of services in the conditions of modernization of the economy” ( 47.5 million soums) and “Socio-psychological features of the formation of an attitudinal behavior in students” (42.5 million soums), fundamental research projects.

Within the framework of the international grant “Climate Change adaptation in the rural areas of Uzbekistan”, which is in collaboration with the German Technical University in Hamburg, the solar panels with the capacity of 10 kilowatts have been installed and scientific research is still being continued.

From September 29, 2016 the Doctor of Technical Sciences Alisher Kadirkulovich Usmankulov is the head of the Institute. During these years the Institute has been doing a lot of work on spiritual, educational, methodological, research and development.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 25, 2015, PK-2458, construction and installation works for the construction of a 700-seat educational building and reconstruction of the dormitory building were completed and commissioned for 6.2 billion soums.

The decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 699 of September 5, 2017 “On Measures for Further Improvement of Djizakh Polytechnic Institute for Training and Retraining in the Field of Architecture and Construction” was adopted. The structure of the institute was revised and the number of faculties has reached to 5, the number of departments 22, and the regional center for training and raising qualification of architects and designers was established within the faculty of “Architecture and Construction”.

According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers dated September 5, 2017, No. 699, the structure of the Djizakh Polytechnic Institute was amended. The number of faculties has been increased to 5 units, including the Department of architecture and construction, Industrial technology, Motor transport, Electromechanics and radio electronics and Service faculty. Regional center for Project design and developers, Regional center for training and retraining of builders and quality control unit has been formed.