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(Uzbek) Turmatov Jaloliddin Rahmatullayevichni pedagogika fanlari bo’yicha falsafa doktori (PhD) dissertatsiyasini muvaffaqiyatli himoya qilganligi bilan tabriklaydi 

The department “Vocational Education” of the Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute congratulates Turmatov Jaloliddin Raxmatullayevich With the successful defense of a thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in pedagogical sciences

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(Uzbek) Imom al-Buxori ziyoratgohi

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The enrollment of students in the second and subsequent specialization in higher education institutions is carried out in accordance with the “Regulations on the procedure for obtaining a second and further education in the educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, approved by the protocol of the State Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan for admission to educational institutions number 15 of 13 August 2008.


Press-secretary of the institute – Jakhongir Tulakov

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Dear applicants! You have successfully passed the tests for the test procedure, the test of your duties and responsibilities, and to know the rights and tests are required to comply with the order.

Admission tests are held in the building within hours of 8.00 to 8.30 to the auditorium only at 8 .00 with the permission of the applicant’s passport. After the text begins no one will be allowed to enter the auditorium (8.30)

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