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The charter of the institute

  1. Jizzakh Polytecnic institute (further-JizPI).
    JizPI was founded as the Jizzakh branch of Tashkent Architecture and building institute, as the Jizzakh branch of Tashkent chemical-technology institute, as the Jizzakh branch of Tashkent Automobile roads institute by order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1992, February-28, as well as by decision of Cabinet of Ministers in 1992, March-11 with a number of 125.
    The institute enters to the structure of the ministry of higher and secondary specialized education of Republic of Uzbekistan.
  2. JizPI is recognized as a state high educational institute, it concerns with main and additional activity (or only main) to excite programs of State education. As well as in correspondence to the law documents of Republic of Uzbekistan the institute concerns educational-pedagogical and scientific-methodical and other activities and educational services.
  3. JizPI in its activity acts and keeps laws of Constitution of Republic of Uzbekistan, “The law about education”, The National Program of preparation of personal staff, the decisions of Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Uzbekistan, orders and decisions of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, orders and decisions of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and normative-legal documents of Ministry of higher and specialized education and renders action of its charter.
  4. JizPI is recognized as a juridical person. It has special property and in operative management the institute its duties answers on this property, as well as on its name can buy and act property and non-property duties, takes on responsibility, in court can be responsible and plaintiff.
    The institute has independent balance, accounting abacus and including accounting abacus on currency in banks, requisitions such as described herbs of the Republic of Uzbekistan and stamp which is recorded the name of the institute.

Address of the institute:

130100. The Republic of Uzbekistan, Jizzakh city, Islam Karimov street-4.

Count number: count page of United Treasure of Ministry of Finances of Republic of Uzbekistan.

Accounting count – 23402000300100001010.

INN: 201122919

MFO: 00014

Central bank BB-XKKM Tashkent city.


Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute INN: 201672757.

Personal count page – 400910860084017950100079001

(for contracts): 400110860084017950100079001

(For developing foundation) 10001086008401709410007900 (For budget payment)

Full and abbreviated name of Jizzakh polytechnic Institute in uzbek, Russian and English:
Jizzax politexnika instituti (JizPI),
Джизакский политехнический институт (ДжизПи),
Jizzakh polytechnic institute (JizPI).




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