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Rector greetings

Let, our activity will become successfully!

 New year’s congratulation of the rector of Jizzakh polytechnic institute

to professorteachers, employee,

students and members of the whole group

 Dear teachers!

Dear students!

In these glad days, when pass the new year’s celebrations on the whole Republic, I am very happy to congratulate you with approaching new 2019, I want the most good wishes you and member of your family.

I can say that the pass year for our multiple group become successful year.

In 2018 year there are many contracts and memorandum which, are formed between institutes  with the well-known high educational institutions of the foreign countries. For present day our institute assists more than 35 high educational institutions of the foreign countries.

Contracts and memorandum which, are formed with 11 high educational institutions of our group much pleases us.

In particular, on the contest of “Grant of academic innovation” which is declared by World bank, scientific work prepared by our scientists S. Tavboev, S. Sattorov, E.Murtazin and A.Soliev on the subject “Opening the centre of proforientation and scholastic-scientific laboratory on electronics”, has won grant on amount of 100.000 USA dollars, which become the big success for our group.

In pass year our scientists S.Usmanov, J.Abdunazarov, S. Djyanboev- members of executed program of Erasmus+program in the project of “INTRAS” visitted in Poland and having continued the scientific functioning on base of joint activity.

Our professor-teachers  Dilafruz Saidahmedova (a teacher of the chair   “Management”) and Kh.Alloyorov (the teacher of the chair of “Light industry”)   had been in the institute of developing enterprises of India.

Except, B.Narimonov (a teacher of the chaire “Electro energy”) had been in Moscow Energy university and raised his qualification.

The chief of the department of international relations T.Berdiyarov passed the extension course in Sheniyan Pedagogical institute in China.

As well as he participated in the seminar in sphere of the program of Erasmus+, which was held in 8-12 December in Istanbul, in Turkey

At the current year group of professor-teachers of our instiyute O.Kuychiev, M.Anorboev, A.Parsahonov, N.Sayidahmeda, O.Abdullaev, M.Mirzabekov, Sh. Khudoyorov, O. Adilov, S.Tavboev, B.Ergashev were received 11 certificate-patents.

In past 2018 year 18 professor-teachers of our institute visitted in foreign countries for the reason of increasing their  qualifications and installing joint activities.

Nowadays 12 students of our institute learn in high educational institutions of the foreign countries.

As well known, that contracts and memorandum which, are formed between institutes of the Russian Federation play important role in the way of developing international relations.

Last year delegation of our institute in composition 6 persons visited to the Moscow car-road State University, Ivanovo chemist-technical University, Moscow Electro Energy University and Moscow State building university, Moscow Technical University named after Bauman, Sankt-Petersburg institute and have formed the memorandum on cooperation.

In memorandum reflected double-sided memorandums about cooperation on fastening on magistracies and doctoral courses, as well as scholastic-practical work between high schools.

Including, in past year in sphere of contract on cooperation visited Kulikov Roman Sergeevich – assistant professor of the chair of “Radio technical systems”, Mihaylov Mihail Sergeevich – assistant professor of the chair of “Radio technical tools and antenna systems” of Moscow energy institute to the chair of “Radio electronic” of our institute.

They lectured on their specialties and had conducted the practical lessons in our institute. Nowadays more than 100 applicants are training in 4 starting-up courses of the high educational institutions of Russian federation, which were founded under the Jizzakh polytechnic institute openly.

Naturally, these cooperation relations with the noble high educational institutions of the world give effective results whilst in transit of developments of professor-teaching studies, whilst in transit of introduction research achievements, as well as in developments of the knowledge and skill our student.

It is necessary to note that, from year per there are observed improvement of the professor-teaching composition, increasing of scientific potential, enlarging of number of talented student.

In pass year around in 10impact-journal there were published several scientific articles of our scientists.

The assistant professors of our institute A.Usmankulov and O.Adilov obtained to publish their first part of scholastic handbook of the subject “Resistance material”.

Scholastic handbook which is created by J.Akhmedov and other teachers of the chair of “Informatics and information technologies” on the subject “Pedagogic” is published successfully.  As well as, the textbook which is created by assistant professor S.Usmanov on the subject of “Governing the technical systems” is also published.

Except, there is planned to publish the scholastic handbook on the subject of  “Economy and management” in authorship of assistant professors N.Saidahmedova and B.Kattakishiev. There are published 5 monographs, which are created by the professor-teachers of our institute: S.Sattorov, O.Abdullaev, Zh.Bobonazarova, G.Shertoylakov and N.Saidahmedova.

Our scientists obtained the grandiose successes in science. Including, Normurod Tangyarikov became the doctor of the technical sciences, Oltinbek Abdullaev – a doctor of the economic sciences.

As well as, our researchers Bunyod Nosirov, Hulkar Kholikulova have defended their doctoral dissertations in this year.

Directly, in on the eve of New Year our teachers Umrzok Yarlakabov and Ikhtiyor Askarov considered approaching as Ph.D.

Besides, our students also have obtained the greater successes on the Republican students’ Olympiads. Including our student Bolbek Kurbonboev has occupied 2 place on the subject of “Hydraulics”, Shohrukh Ibragimov has occupied 3 place on the subject of “Auto mobilization and tractors”, Hasan Davlatov – 3 place on the subject of “Ventilation and air condensation”.

This year 4 students of our institute became the owners of nominated scholarship. Our student command “Humorists” actively participated in the Regional stage of the Republican competition “KVN” and became semifinalist.

Our student theatrical studio “Ibrat” actively participated in the Regional stage of the Republican contest between the students of the high educational institutions and became the semifinalist on the nomination “Interpretation the most actual subject”.

Dear teachers!

Dear students!

We can say that passed 2018 become the year of the fortification and improvements of cooperation between foreign high educational institutions. In its queue, we can say that, these achievements are the results of constant attention to high educational institutions of our President and our state.

These conditions and the premises which created by our President and our state call us well to learn, work, concern with creative searching in sphere of science and research work.

And once again I want to congratulate you A Happy New Year. I want the best desire to all members of your families’ health, household happiness and profusion.

Alisher Usmankulov-rector of the institute



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