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Scientific Council

Activities of Scientific Councils, which are in Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute.

1. The Scientific Council meeting of the Institute during the academic year will be held last Wednesday of each month at 1.30 pm on the Hall of the Institute.

2. Information and Reporting Officers must submit the signed information on the matter to be considered at the meeting (paper and electronic version) 3 days prior to the meeting to the Secretary of the Academic Council.

3. The Director of the Information Resource Center informs about new publications that have been received at the Scientific Council meetings.

4. The head of the Internal Control and Monitoring Department informs on the matters raised in the citizens’ appeals at the meetings of the Scientific Council.

5. At the meetings of the Academic Board, the Scientific Secretary shall inform the Board of Directors of the execution of its decisions.

The Scientific Council consists of 38 people. The members include rector, Vice Presidents, Deans, Heads of Departments, Heads of Departments and 3 Managers. In the first issue of the Academic Council, the President and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees, orders and resolutions of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan will be considered.

The annual work plan is based on the progress of cooperation with the spiritual, moral and educational, educational, research, financial and economic issues and academic lyceums and professional colleges conducted during the academic year, as well as forthcoming tasks discussion.


Directions E-mails of scientific councils
 1 Technical Sciences http://oak.uz/ochiqmalumotlar/460-2-fan-doktori-ilmiy-darazhasini-beruvchi-ilmiy-kengashlar-ryhati.html
 2 Physical and mathematical sciences http://oak.uz/ochiqmalumotlar/460-2-fan-doktori-ilmiy-darazhasini-beruvchi-ilmiy-kengashlar-ryhati.html 
 3  Social sciences http://oak.uz/ochiqmalumotlar/460-2-fan-doktori-ilmiy-darazhasini-beruvchi-ilmiy-kengashlar-ryhati.html
 4 Chemistry, biology and geology-mineralogical sciences http://oak.uz/ochiqmalumotlar/460-2-fan-doktori-ilmiy-darazhasini-beruvchi-ilmiy-kengashlar-ryhati.html
 5 Agricultural Sciences http://oak.uz/ochiqmalumotlar/460-2-fan-doktori-ilmiy-darazhasini-beruvchi-ilmiy-kengashlar-ryhati.html



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