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Women’s Council




About the activity of the primary organization of women’s committee

Jizzakh – 2018


the rector Jizzakh Polytechnic institute _________Usmankulov A.K.

“___” ______________2018 year.



about activity of the primary organization of women’s committee

of Jizzakh Polytechnical institute




1.1 Primary organization of women’s committee of Jizzakh Polytechnical institute is an organization, which founded by woman on voluntary basis, self-government organization, which founded on decisions of the constituent assemblies of organization, labor group, educational institutions,  makhalla and legal organs, soldierly parts. (further noted as a Committee).

1.2. Organization leads its activity on the base of the Constitutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, laws of “About none-government and nonprofit organization”, “About public associations of the Republic of Uzbekistan” and the other laws, adjusting activity of none government and nonprofit organization, on the base of the Charter women’s area also and in accordance with the present Charter.



2.1. Committee is based on decision of its members

2.2. Member of the Committee can become any woman outside of dependencies from nationality, formation, public position.

2.3. Person, after reaching 18 years old, can become the member of the Committee.

2.4. Chairman of the Committee and its deputies are elected on the common meeting for 5 years.

2.5. Coming from the number of the primary organization, can be elected Advice in composition before 15 persons.

2.6. Chairman of women’s committee as member Scientist advice of the institute must emerge once a year with report about done to work.



3.1. Main purpose of women’s primary organization – provide active participation of the women in introduction in public life, in economic transformations, increasing their legal knowledge, protect their legal rights, provide the activity in public life society, provide protection of the rights full-grown and child, lead the explanatory work on sound lifestyle, defend youth from different negative currents, improve their morality.

3.2. Primary organizations keep public control and will realize for achievement their own integer wills the following problems:

– rendering to help in study and permit of the problems of the women, improve their legal knowledge, intensify public-political activity;

– increasing cultural, intellectual, labor, activity of the women, creating the necessary conditions for development their professional skill, provision to productivity of the participation them in public life;

– render the all-round assistance in provision, in necessities in public protection, people with limited possibility, invalid and solitary women;

– in accordance with concrete plan of the work conduct cultural-enlightenment actions, meeting, seminars, debates, conferences directed on education, women’s feeling to pride, devotion best national tradition and custom, (the culture of communication, observance of the rules of dressing culture);

– warn the youth descending under influence of  religious-extremist currents, missionary work and other negative phenomena, recovery public-spiritual life;

– take strict measures on observance of the rules of the internal routine of the institute, follow the rule of the behavior in public places, culture of dressing, as well as prevent alien our mentality like that of a hooligan pranks, crimes, use drug, drunkenness, prostitution, facts suicide;

– in purpose of the performing the supplied problems Committee must co-operate with women’ s committee of the republic, area, city, region, medical institutions, with state, public and non state organizations;

– develop the interests of reading the books among the girls, information-resource centers of the institute, to enrich world and national literature;

– Rendering all-round help student-girls making household life, broadly introduce the experience exemplary family, working in these organizations;

-among the student-girls of the institute intensify the interest to sport, seasonally organization the athletic competitions, create the condition for occupation by sport;




4.1. Primary organization (elected its organs) for execution of their own rights and duties have the following rights:

– take decision in accordance with Charter of women’s committee of area and its Regulations;

– Elect in higher women’s committee of their own members, their call back or change;

– On all questions women’s committee of higher organization, take information if required, support the decision of the supplied questions;

– contribute the projects of documents for consideration them on conferences of higher organ and elected places;

– taking part in work of higher women’s committee through their own representatives;

– direct their own representatives on actions higher of women’s committee;

– participate in preparing the candidacies on participation in State competitions named after Zulifiya and State scholarships;

– contribute the offers in higher committees of the women for presentation on State awards specifically differed their active activity in public life, talented, persisting professional, in purpose of support and encouragements their organize cultural-mass actions, different contests;

– actuate public, economic, social-political and labor activity of the women; carry out some work on protection of their rights and interest;

– raise efficiency to activity of the women in participation in cultural life society, all-round to support increasing their spiritual and intellectual potential;

– rendering social-legal support of the women, create the necessary conditions for protection parenthood and the childhood, the most further improvement spiritual-moral education amongst girl-students, systematically consolidate the cooperation with a high school of public bodies in deal of the education feeling to devotion and responsibility, knowing how withstand the alien idea, exalt the national traditions, not feeling sorry power in deal of the development to nations and state;

– improve the labor relations, provide employment, will raise the public status of the women, encourage their labor activity and education;

– rendering the all-round help to girl-students in determination of their life way, in self-education, in self-perfection, in expansion of their spiritual world;

– rendering support in forming faithful, dedicated and good mothers, faithfully bring up following generation.



5.1. Primary organization leads its activity on following principles:

– Elections of organs to management of the primary organization;

– reporting before its and higher committee;

– A provision of publicity in electoral organ of the primary organization;

– Equality all primary organization;

– An ensuring the unquestioning performing the taken resolutions of the committee after their all-round discussion and acceptance.



6.1. In authorities of the chairman of women’s committee of the institute enter:

– conduct of the passport of primary organization;

– Presence constituent document of primary organization, providing normative-legal activities (the protocols of the meetings, decisions, charter to primary organization, methodical ruling, recommendations and etc.);

– give the instructions on performing the annual plan to organizations, co-ordinate activity lower-level organ;

– open the club “Kizlarzhon” and control its activity at institute;

– rendering the all-round help to members of women’s committees of the faculties in undertaking spiritual actions;

– a chairman of women’s committee must render all-round help to leaders of branches of women’s committee in execution their plans, lead checking on performing the commission contracts, entrusted on them and take the information on executed action;

– reporting of the chairman of primary organization or deputy before councilman;

– providing conduction of documentation, connected with activity of the Council, working with the document, conducting of protocol meetings, the conversations with workers, in accordance with their activity;

– making the conditions for working of women’s committee on the part of governing of the institute (the premises, furniture, computer technologies, connection to Internet, means of communication);

– Preparation the project documents on the problems of the organizations, which is considered on Scientific Council of the institute;

– Performance of the decisions of Scientific Council of the institute of the activities of women’s committee and preparation the reports upon their execution;

– contribute the offers on material encouragement of the most active women of the institute;

– taking part in institutional commission on qualifications and choice;

– In consent with prorector on spiritual-educational work of attract the women in professorial-teaching stuff girl-students to participate in morally- spiritual action of the   institute.

  1. Organs of the primary organization of women’s committee

7.1. Organ of the primary organization are: common meeting of the womens’ (conference)


8.1. The Common meeting of the primary organization of women’s committee is a supreme authority of the organizations;

8.2. The Meeting (the conference) of the primary organization o women’s committee is conducted depending on need, but not less one times in a year;

8.3. Conduct the meeting of the presidium of the primary organization in consequence of impossibility undertaking the common meeting by reason of: a) if members of the organizations are found in different parts of the area;

  1. b) In connection with numerous of the members of the organizations;

– Notice of undertaking the common meeting (the conference) about the number and agenda is done for 3 days earlier.

8.4. The extraordinary common meeting can be convened or on own initiative of the members of the primary organization (not less 1/3 parts of the members), or on decision of higher organ of women’s committee.

8.5. The authorities of the common meeting of the primary organization (the conference) consist of the following:

– bugging of the report about activity of the chairman (the organizer) of the primary organization;

– Development of Charter and the other documents, concerning activity of the organizations, as well as contributing the additions and change;

– Election of the chairman (the organizer) and composition of the primary organization;

– Election of the representatives in composition organ of higher women’s organization, election from their numbers delegate for participation on conferences (Kurultay);

– Realization other authorities, which given the primary organization according of Charter.



9.1. For undertaking the current work on common meeting of women’s committee (conference) for 5 years are elected the following:

– A presidium of the primary organization in enterprises, organizations and institutions;

– An organizer of the group of the women’s in structure of enterprises, organizations and institutions;

– a presidium of the primary organization, depending on need, can be going to, but not less one times in quarter.

9.2. In authorities of the primary organization enters the following:

– Between the common meeting (the Conferences) governs the primary organization;

– realization the practical measures on reinforcement role of the women in the process of the modernizations and democratizations of society, protect public-social rights of the women, protect the parenthood and the childhood, support professional, physical, spiritual and intellectual growing of the women.

9.3. The determination and realization action on marked purpose and problem, specified in Charter and persisting Regulation;

– An expression of the requirements of the law and protection of the rights of the members of the primary organization;

– a statement plan of the primary organization;

– an organization of the checking of the public on execution acting legislation and subservience, participation in the development of legal document on questions of protection of the labor rights, labor and health, participation in development and execution normative document;

– A decision making about creating of women’s groups.

9.4. Working of the primary organization in composition 15 persons, it manages the organizer of the primary group, if their number 16 and more, that governs the chairman of the primary organization.




10.1. The transformation of the primary organization of women’s committee, termination and creation (join, separation, branch, association, transformation) is executed on the base of the decision of the meeting of the primary organization (the Conferences);

10.2. Under the repeated organization of the committee of women’s committee all documents (governing, the personal documents and other) are renewed on order, installed by law.



11.1. The chairman of the committee of women’s committee of the institute has a status of the deputy prorector on spiritual-educational affairs and in process of the work will comply with him.


Given Charter was considered and approved on Scientifically Council of the institute from _____2018

Protocol no:



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