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Department of International Relations

Department of International Relations
Berdiyorov Temur Azamatovich
Phone number: +99890 516-84-00
E-mail: berdiyorov8411@mail.ru
Reception days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 14:00 to 16:00
Department of International Relations



OMC is a structural unit of the Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute (the Institute), established to organize the development of international cooperation of the Institute with a view to training specialists of international level in the field of educational, research and public activities.

Objectives: Organization and coordination of the Institute’s participation in international cooperation programs that contribute to improving the quality of training specialists, implementing joint research and, in general, enhancing the Institute’s prestige at the international level.

Tasks of the Department

Organization at a high level of the international activities of the Institute, as a whole, in accordance with the aims of the Institute, determined by the Academic Council and the Rector of the University;
participation in the formation and implementation of the Institute’s policy in the field of international and foreign economic relations;
determination of the expediency of concluding agreements in the field of international and foreign economic relations of the Institute;
assistance in attracting foreign investment;
formation and implementation of international projects and programs abroad and in Uzbekistan;
organization of the Institute’s participation in international interuniversity associations and other organizations;
development of international relations with educational institutions, foundations, and other organizations of foreign countries;
accounting, analysis, information and organizational support of the Institute’s activities in the field of international relations and relations;
involvement of faculty in international cooperation;
coordination of international cooperation of faculties, departments and other structural divisions of the Institute with foreign partners;
Organization of work of foreign teachers in the Institute;
organization of training of students, doctoral candidates, internships of teachers and employees abroad;
the organization of training of foreign students, undergraduates, doctoral students and interns staying in the Institute for intergovernmental and inter-university agreements, as well as individually;
conducting marketing research on the market of international educational services and strategies (strategies for recruiting foreign students).


Functions of the department

OMS in accordance with the tasks assigned to it performs the following functions:

provision of preparation and holding of meetings of the rector of the Institute, vice-rectors, deans of faculties and heads of structural units with foreign delegations and representatives;
coordination in the order established by the legislation and the Charter of the Institute, drafts of all documents signed by the Institute’s rector with foreign partners;
organization and conduct of activities for the preparation, harmonization, conclusion, putting into operation, storage and implementation of treaties, agreements, programs and other bilateral and multilateral documents in the field of international relations of the Institute;
protocol support of international official events with the participation of the rector and other representatives of the Institute;
interaction with international organizations and other representations of foreign countries in the territory of Uzbekistan on issues of international cooperation, holding protocol events;
carrying out work on establishing and developing the Institute’s links with foreign educational and scientific institutions and organizations
work with the media on the formation of a positive image of the Institute abroad, the preparation of analytical and information materials about the academic and scientific activities of the University, as well as in the field of international relations;
the collection, analysis, generalization and presentation to the Rector and the Scientific Council of the Institute of information on the status and development of relations with foreign partners;
analysis of the ideas of the projects presented by the units and staff of the Institute and the potential of the faculty in terms of their participation in specific international projects and programs;
preparation of proposals on the participation of representatives of the Institute in events conducted by international associations, associations, unions, foundations, consulates, higher educational institutions;
participation in the development of joint educational programs and scientific projects with foreign partners;
Monitoring of the implementation of agreements and agreements of the Institute and its units with foreign partners;
the organization of international exchanges of students, undergraduates, doctoral students, teachers, researchers;
search and dissemination of information on foreign funds, grants, scholarships (terms and conditions);
creation of a database on international funds, grants, scholarships, exchange programs, foreign internships;
participation in the preparation and organization of international conferences, seminars, roundtables with representatives of foreign universities and other organizations;
the organization of visits abroad by delegations of the Institute at the invitation of foreign partners, as well as the organization of stay at the Institute of foreign delegations arriving at the invitation of the Institute’s rector;
preparation of annual reports on the international activities of the Institute.


Foreign Partners

№            A country                 Name of university or enterprise                           University or enterprise site

1          Russian Federation          Ural Federal University                                          https://urfu.ru/en/

2        Russian Federation             Kazan Federal University                                      http://kpfu.ru/

3        Russian Federation              Pacific State University                                        http://pnu.edu.ru/

4         Russian Federation            State University “Dubna”                                     https://www.uni-dubna.ru/

5        Russian Federation           Joint Institute for Nuclear Research                     www.jinr.ru

6 Russian Federation                   Moscow University of Electric Power Industry       https://www.mpei.ru/

7  Russian Federation         Moscow Automobile and Road Technical University (MADI)     https://www.madi.ru/

8 Russian Federation          Federal Scientific Agro-Engineering Center VIM                      http://vim.ru/

9   Russian Federation         Taraz University of Innovation and Humanities                 http://www.tigu.kz/en/

10  Russian Federation           Taraz State University. M.H. Dulati                                 http://www.tarsu.kz/

11  Russian Federation           Ivanovo State University of Chemical Technology        http://www.main.isuct.ru/

12   Russian Federation         Institute of Solution Chemistry. G.A. Krestova              http://www.isc-ras.ru/

13  Russian Federation          Bashkir State University                                                   http://www.bashedu.ru/

14   Germany                         Hamburg University of Technology                                  https://www.tuhh.de

15   Romania                        Polytechnic University in Bucharest                                   http://www.upb.ro/

16   India                             Institute for Entrepreneurship Development                  http://www.ediindia.org/

17  China                              Shenyang Normal University                                            http://www.synu.edu.cn/index.html

18  Austria                            University of Clenfurt                                                         https://www.aau.at/en/

19   Slovakia                         Zhilin University                                                                  http://www.uniza.sk/

20  Poland                           Gdansk Polytechnic University                                          https://pg.edu.pl/rus

21  Ukraine                       Sumy National Agrarian University                                   http://www.sau.sumy.ua/en

22    Korea                          AO Nuri Elecom                                                                                   –

23    Korea                         AO Farm Energy                                                                                  –

24    Sweden                     Royal Swedish Institute of Technology (KTN)                   https://www.kth.se/en

25    Italy                          Turin Polytechnic Institute                                                    http://www.polito.it

26    United Kingdom      Company DELCAM                                                                 http://www.delcam.com/

27    United Kingdom      Birmingham University                                                          https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/

28    Portugal                    Kaštolu Branku Polytechnic Institute                                   http://gri.ipcb.pt/

29    Spain                         Madrid University of Carlos III                                             https://www.uc3m.es/Home

30    Ukraine                   Lutsk National Technical University                                      http://lutsk-ntu.com.ua/uk


Joint projects

№     Project name            Information about the project, and its activities


1  ENGITEC-TempusIV                  www.engi-tec.net

ENGITEC: Upgrading higher engineering education in Georgia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan to solve technological challenges For the further development of Georgia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, highly skilled engineers are needed, capable of developing, implementing and supporting complex innovative technologies. In these countries there are excellent traditions of training engineers, leading to world-class achievements. Today, the training of engineers faces a new challenge: in a situation where emerging markets supply cheap products, local industry can not compete with them unless it develops and implements innovative technologies and sophisticated equipment.
The global task is to make higher education institutions able to prepare students with the qualifications necessary for the development and operation of complex technologies in the current conditions of teamwork.


2  HIGHVEC-TempusIV                            www.highvec.net

HIGHVEC: Development of training programs for engineering construction of highways and transport engineering In 5 technical universities in Uzbekistan there is a great need for the development of specialization in highway engineering and transport engineering. The main task of the project is to prepare a new generation of engineers capable of developing and implementing projects in the field of highway engineering and transport engineering.


Pilot project in Uzbekistan: mitigation of Global warming in rural areas of Uzbekistan – demonstration project at Furkat private farm in Pakhtakor district, Mirzachul region. Taking into account the above, the project aims to provide electricity with autonomous and supporting batteries, photovoltaic power plants with a capacity of at least two days with full nominal work. Electricity should be applicable for lighting important agricultural facilities, communication, health, etc.

4    INTRAS-Erasmus + Proposed grant:             € 814,635

Intellectual transport systems: new master’s training programs on the basis of ICT in Uzbekistan



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