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Information resource center

Information resource center

Uralov Shukhrat Quchkarovich

Phone.: +998933077756

E-mail: jizpiarm@inbox.uz

Reception days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2 pm to 4 pm

Information resource center – IRS

Information Resource Center – IRC (until July 20, 2006, the institute’s library) was established in 1977. The IRC Foundation was enriched at the expense of hundreds of humanitarian, chemical and physical-mathematical sciences sent from various institutions of higher education in Tashkent, Kiev and Moscow.

To date, the IRC is one of the leading libraries that serves about 8,730 readers. Among them are students of the Institute, professors – teaching staff, as well as employees and students from advanced training courses, students, teachers from various universities. ИРЦ has created all conditions for subscription system and a reading room for students.

The traditional library consists of 4 subscriptions: scientific, educational, artistic and foreign literature. 4 reading rooms, a department for picking and processing new literature, as well as reference bibliographic departments.

The library together with readers conducts various events:
– The day of the department twice a month;
– holds exhibitions of new literature;
– each time opens a new bulletin for new books.

For convenience, the readers have traditionally made catalogs in alphabetical order.

Since 2011, the IRC has begun enriching the electronic database “ARMAT”. Since 2006, the creation of the electronic library of the Institute has been started. The ZhIIPI library continuously serves readers and conducts various events.



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