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Center for Information Technologies

Center for Information Technologies

Utkir Djamolov Ilhamovich

Phone: 0 (372) 226-56-20

E-mail: Jamut@mail.ru; jizdpi_atm@edu.uz; jamut@djizpi.uz; jamur1974@umail.uz

Days of reception: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 2 pm to 4 pm

Center for Information Technologies

The Center for Information Technologies was established in accordance with the order of the rector of the Institute No. 33 of May 3, 2002. The chief of the department was Utkir Djamolov. The department employs 13 people. The main purpose of the department is to repair and improve the computer equipment of the institute.

At the time of the creation of the department, the institute had 82 computers. To date, on the initiative of the rector of the Institute and the department, there are 510 computers in the institute, in particular, the Institute are connected to the Internet through a dedicated DialUp network of the provider “UzNet”. There is ample opportunity for Internet users to use the teachers, graduate students and students of the Institute.

There is a website of the Institute (www.djizpi.uz, www.jizpi.uz). In order to improve the site, replenish it with new information, a separate group of people was created, dealing with web programs. The local network operates in the educational institution, it connects the administration, deans, departments and the department “Information Technologies and Distance Learning”, and this local network is connected to the ministry’s network.

For the organization of the distance learning system, a separate computer room was created at the institute. Electronic textbooks have been created to help faculty for teaching students. The Institute’s library is equipped with computer technology to improve the electronic base. The lecture courses were reworked in electronic form and collected in the library.

At the moment, work is under way to create an electronic catalog. In order to increase the computer literacy of the faculty, the deans of faculties and the heads of the departments, computer technology courses are taught.

The department has established working contacts with academic lyceums, colleges and schools. In addition, the department created a laboratory “Multimedia”. This laboratory is fully staffed with modern technology, and is working on the creation of electronic textbooks and teaching aids.



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