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Pro-rector on a teaching

The vice-rector in academic affairs
Ph.D. Egamnazarov G’ayrat G’aybullayevich
Reception time: Monday 10:00 – 12:00
тел:  72 226-45-06
e-mail: egamnazarov.g@mail.ru

Egamnazarov Gayrat Gaibullaevich was born in 1974 on May 14 in the Jizzakh region of the Djizak region. In 1991, he graduated from the 11th school of the city of Jizzakh, Djizak region with a gold medal. In the same year he entered the Jizzakh State Pedagogical Institute. In 1996 he graduated from the Institute with a degree in “Teacher of General Technical Disciplines”. Since 1996, he started his activity in the 23rd school of the Jizzakh region as a drafting teacher. Since 1997 he worked as the head of the laboratory of the department “Agroengineering” of the Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute, then the trainee-teacher. Since 2000 he studied in graduate school on the specialty 05.20.01. Mechanization of agricultural production in the GISP. Since 2003 he worked as an assistant, then as a senior lecturer at the department “Mechanization of Agriculture”. In 2010 he defended his thesis on the direction 05.20.01. “Agriculture and land reclamation machines, agriculture and technology of mechanization of reclamation works” in the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration. Since September 2017 he has been working as a pro-rector for academic work.



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