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Rector of Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute
Usmankulov Alisher Kadirkulovich
Reception time: Friday 10:00 – 12:00
Phone: (+998 72) 226-46-05
E-mail: usmankulov1968y@mail.ru
Usmankulov Alisher Kadirkulovich is working as rector of the Jizzakh Polytechnical Institute since September 28, 2016. Doctor of technical sciences, dotsent. Common working experience – 26 years.

In 1985 Usmankulov A.K. entered to the Tashkent textile and weaving institute, to the specialty of “The first cotton treatment”. In 1992 he finished this institute with privileged diploma.

In 1986-1988 he had been in military service. Since 1992 he began his pedagogical activity. During his pedagogical activity he worked as a laboratory chief, an assistant and as a dotsent.

In 1999-2002 he had been worked as a vice-dean of moral and enlightens works of the faculty of “Technology of cotton industry and mechanics” of the Tashkent textile and light industry institute.

In 2002-2006 – a head of marketing department of the Tashkent textile and light industry institute. In 2007-2008 – he was appointed as a chief of the chair of “the first cotton treatment” of the Tashkent textile and light industry institute. Since 2008 – he had been worked as a dean of the faculty of “Technology of cotton industry” of the Tashkent textile and light industry institute. Since April-4, 2016 – till September – 28 he had been worked as a prorector of financial and economic issues.

In 2002 Alisher Usmankulov defended his dissertation on the theme: “Increasing of efficiency of the process of the drying the pat-product in drum dryer”.

And in 2016 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the theme: “Creation of high production pat-dry installation and technologies on the base of intensification of heat-mass of the fraudulent processes”.

More than 130 scientific works, which had been published in republican and foreign journals.

Besides, he is an owner of 15 patents and inventions. Aliusher Usmankulov is an author of 3 monographs and 2 textbooks.

More than 14 masters and 100 bachelors had been prepared by Alisher Usmankulov as a leadership.

In 2013 August 14-27 he had been participated in International seminar which had been held o the theme “Organization of scientific works in Educational Institutions” in Prague, Chesh Republic.

In the last 10 years he was a scientific leader of 3 practical, 3 innovational and fundamental grant projects which had been declared by State.

After appointing as a rector of the Jizzakh Polytechnical institute by his initiative since September 2017 submitted some changes to the structure of the JizPI. So, new faculties such as “Service”, “Electro mechanics and radio electronics” and 5 new chairs were organized.

Except, there were organized the of “Regional enhancive and qualification center of architecture-designers and builders” under the faculty of “Architecture and buildings”. Nowadays there are organizing enhancive courses for architecture-designers and builders of Jizzakh, Samarkand and Sirdarya regions.

For the purpose of effective organization of educational and scientific activity in the institute there were brought new furniture on the amount of 800,0 million sums and educational laboratory equipments on the amount of 266,0 million sums.

About 40 study rooms were equipped with new modern furniture. In 2017, there were brought more than 100 new modern computers to the institute. There were organized 2 chemical laboratories which were equipped on the amount of 76.0 million sums.

Students’ dormitory admitting 400 students was reconstructed. And new Students’ canteen admitting 200 students was put into function.

There was created modern garden on the area of 6,02 hectares, where planted more than 8 various fruitful trees on the institute territory.

With a view to improving relations with professor-teachers of high educational institutions there re organized 2 distance learning auditoriums in the institute.

For the purpose of effective organization of educational-practical occupations there was organized “Techno park of educational practical classes in the territory of the institute.

This Techno park was equipped with the most modern educational laboratory equipments.

There wee brought such modern technique equipments to the techno park:
3 engines which presented by GM Uzbekistan (Uz Daewoo Auto);
1 engine by Samarkand Automobile plant JV Man Auto-Uzbekistan;
1 engine by Samarkand automobile plant on the amount of 174,4 million sums;

Except, there brought electrical breaker for auto gas measures changeable electric particles by “Uzelectro-apparat” action society;

A transformation of substation complex, distributive shield, oil transformation – on the amount of 843, 3 million sums;

As well as for engineering communication direction there brought such educational stands:

Drinking water distributor, automatic heating system, gas distributor, ventilation systems – on the amount of 30,6 million sums;

There brought and installed to the techno park 3 models for food production of Metrology and standardization directions, 5 models for testing electro-technical products, 2 laboratory models for metrological activities on the amount of 43,7 million sums.

Except, there re installed solar panels on the roof of the techno park on the amount of 35,0 million sums;

Besides, last research work between Jizzakh Polytechnical and Hamburg University (Germany), which belongs to the executive grant project on the theme: “Adaptation on the climatic changes in populated territory of Uzbekistan” and installed solar panel in the territory of the institute.

At the result of this project the EPH-2 leader solar laboratory (on the amount of 11.0 thousand euro) is installed in the Electro energy chair of the institute, which presented by “LUCAS NULLE” electric plant.

Research work  whose total value cost 837996,69 euro was carried out on the international project on the theme of “Improving the curriculum on engineering of highway construction and transport machinery” (HIGHVEC) in the chair of surface transport systems and this was fulfilled around the international Tempus project of the European Union in January 2017 on the educational-scientific laboratory of Diagnosing transport means 15 the most modern educational laboratory equipment produced in European countries and cost 19952,98 euro was brought 21 educational and scientific-technical literatures whose total value cost 2097,73 euro were brought for 14 educational directions.  Thanks to this scheme 6 teachers participated in the short-termed retraining courses in the universities of Great Britain, Portugal Spain and Romania. In 2017 2 of the professor-teachers of the institute took their scientific degree on the doctor of science (DS) one of them on scientific degree on doctor Philosophy (PhD).

Informational blank on educational directions of institute and factories and organizations which employers.

Cooperating relations were settled with 14 factories established in Jizzakh Free Economical Zone in Jizzakh region.

Nowadays activities of the factories and organizations were learnt by the professional chairs of the institute and they signed 3 sided contracts so that 2018 year graduators would be employed and they could carry out their practice.

At the present time in Jizzakh Polytechnical institute several research works being financed by budget are being carried out.

They are the following: The theme of reworking depicts and algorithm of analyzing and creating project guarantee on the base of no bright collection theory which is aimed for 2015-2017 and costs 165 million sums totally: fundamental project OT-F1-049 on the theme “Social-psychological features of forming students’ assertive behaviors” which total value costs 42,5 million sums and aims to be done in 2017-2022 years; aimed for 2017-2021 years and cost 45 million sums the theme  “Theoretical bases of improving service quality and structure under circumstance of modernizing economics”

As a result of accelerating the activity of the laboratory of “Testing building materials” under the institute, contracts were signed with 53 organizations and factories and money on a scale of 88 million sums was disembarked to the aсcount of the institute in 2017.



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