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Ilmiy nashrlar

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Abdunazarov Jamshid

Mikusova Miroslava

Modelling of Vehicles Movements for the Design of Parking Spaces Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) /10.1007/978-3-030-28374-2_40
Abdunazarov Jamshid

Mikusova Miroslava

Zukowska Joana

Modelling of the Movement of Designed Vehicles on Parking Space for Designing Parking Communications in Computer and Information Science /978-3-030-27547-1_15
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Asatov, N.Tillayev, M.Raxmonov, N. Parameters of heat treatment increased concrete strength at its watertightness E3S Web of Conferences

97,02021 60118891%29&relpos=2&citeCnt=0&searchTerm=
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Eshbekova, S.O. Kholmuminov, A.A.


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Berdiyorov Temur Azamatovich Issues of development of marketing research on the autotransport system. International Journal of Research in Management & Business Studies (IJRMBS 2019)
12. Abdunazarov Saidahmad Genesis of Development theory “Green Economy” in Global World: Theory and Methodology International Journal of Research in Management & Business Studies (IJRMBS 2019)
13. Berdiyorov Temur Azamatovich  

Issues of foreign experience implementation in transport services


Indo – Asian Journal of Multi disciplinary Research (IAJMR) attachments/a42480aec4c165ca53c753d784915305.pdf
14. Obidova Feruza, Rasulova Sharifa Issues of the organization of distance education in higher educational institutions


Indo – Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IAJMR) attachments/04b9bb932a2d66dbbdd54674f9e55c66.pdf
15. Norboyeva Dilnoza Theoretical aspects of the essence of education management and pedagogical management


Indo – Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (IAJMR) attachments/d8b00e3b89e3090610375a635fc1f881.pdf
16. Obidova Feruza, Rasulova Sharifa Improvement of audit organization rating in Uzbekistan according to international audit standards. ISJ Theoretical & Applied Science
17. Berdiyorov Temur Ways of Using Innovative Marketing Technologies in the Passenger Transport System Asian Journal of Technology & Management Research (AJTMR)